As an organization we have worked in schools and communities over the past 12 years, mainly in the Gauteng Province, implementing various programs to provide training as well as relief and aid to enable and empower community members to build a better future.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown of our nation, many underprivileged communities and families are currently facing real challenges in having their basic needs met.

This has led to 4Change initiating the We Care Project, where we partner with brands, organizations and individuals to provide aid and relief to communities challenged during this time. Our objective is to position 4Change as the distribution center for all resources donated through these partnerships, taking the responsibility to ensure that it reaches the households in need.

Through our collaborated efforts we will be able to provide relief to as many households as possible showing the world that as a nation WE CARE.

Partner With Us

Our goal is to provide families and communities with food, clothing, blankets, and medical assistance through collaborative efforts with partners.