By investing in our youth we guarantee their future. This is the real motivation behind the Making Change Real 10 for 10 campaign.

Through the 4Change XChange Program we are able to provide the environment and the tools to empower our youth through an intense leadership and skills development program that has produced real agents of change over the past six years. Those who have completed the course have become productive contributing members of society and have positively influenced their families and communities.

We believe we have designed a program that has been proven, tested and shown effective results, spurring on our determination to reach 120 students annually on our 5 hectare Ruimsig Campus in Johannesburg.

Our growth goals for the next 3 years:

  • 2021 – 10 students
  • 2022 – 40 students
  • 2023 – 80 students
  • 2024 – 120 students

In order to reach our objectives for 2021 we aim to partner with 700 change agents who endeavor to positively contribute to society and see our youth transformed into dynamic young people by simply investing $10 for 10 months.

Your participation and contribution will have a significant impact in the lives of these students. It is important to note that our objective is never to give handouts but rather to provide opportunities for empowerment. It is for this reason that each student has been mandated to obtain a minimum of 20 partners for this campaign as their contribution and commitment to the program.